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TradIS - enterprise software (ERP) for the trade companies


TradIS - Trade Information System is an enterprise business software (ERP) primarily intended for:
- Retailers
- Wholesalers
- Distributors
- Importers

The main advantages of this software are support for the size and color and a large number of accurate reports that creates. The reports can be configured to present the information that you need and that are important to you.

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TradIS covers all the processes of trade company:

Supply: ordering, storage, inventory management and liabilities.
Commercial (wholesale): sales, invoicing, book of buyers and debt collection.
Retail: automatic input and processing of data from the stores.
Accounting: fully automated accounting.
Import / Export: complete exchange operations.
The records:
Allows tracking of goods by size and subcode (color). Items are followed through an unlimited number of warehouses: retail, wholesale, duty-free.
TradIS allows unlimited categorization of items, business partners and warehouses. Business reports can be made using every possible combination of those categories.
There is the possibility of reporting in the transactional currency and also in selected reference currency (for the example: official reports are in Dinar, and internal records are kept in Euro).
Important feature:
Allows central monitoring of multiple legal entities (when business is operating through multiple legal entities). All internal documents between legal entities are created automatically.
In TradIS, the entire accounting of the company can be executed using the Accounting module. Way of posting is easily adjusted. TradIS supports regulations of Serbia and BiH.
This business works with an unlimited number of price lists with the simple process of copying and price adjustments.
Allows you to create customer orders for the coming season with automated distribution of goods on arrival.
It compiles work orders, requisitions, components for simple manufacturing.
Additional benefits:
Technical support by telephone and the Internet
Continuous maintenance and upgrading of the software

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We have used TradIS for quite a long time. It is ideal for trade enterprise such as ours. What we like about it is that it recognizes the sizes and colors of items, recognizes brands, and even takes care of the seasons. Very powerful ... More

Dejan Stanisavljević, CEO



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