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SMS Loyalty - a new generation of loyalty and VIP programs

SMS Loyalty

In this advanced version of the customer loyalty software, customer does not require any plastic card to claim discounts in your shop – all he/she needs is the mobile phone.

If you have developed any system for giving discounts to the most loyal customers, or planning to develop something like that, SMS Kupon will be of great help.

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Using SMS Loyalty, you can generate a special, personalized discount for each of your customers.
SMS Loyalty can use all available information from the client database, from all your stores, and you can set and change criteria to get the best effect. Discounts can be granted to the customer any time he visits the store, or he can be informed about discounts in the sales and marketing campaigns. In either case the "unique code" (software-generated code), which is linked to a specific discount, is sent by a SMS to a mobile number of the customer. And that is all regarding the process of identifying the customer and granting the discount - quickly, easy, personalized to the maximum.

The criteria that can be set could be total of previous purchases, the number of purchases, method of payment, customer categories (women, men, business partner, employee ...), where you can also set various restrictions (eg, an employee at the store is entitled to a discount, but only once a month).
The advantages of this mode are:

- The customer does not need to carry with him any plastic card (which can easily be forgotten by customer, so he might gives up the purchase).
- Discount can be programmed individually for each customer.
- The seller does not learn the identity of the customer.
- The seller does not affect how big discount will be granted.
Since the "unique codes" are - unique (individual), at any time you have all the necessary analysis (in all parameters of the campaign). Reports on each customer, customer group, as well as discounts and sales achieved in the period, are allowing you to accurately track the current and plan future sales campaigns.
SMS Loyalty helps you to use your database of loyal customers in the most efficient manner.

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It is not just having a lot of people passing through the shop, my goal was to have regular customers that keep coming back, and are loyal to me. So I bought a SMS coupon, and I am very pleased. With its help I have created a loyal customer club ... The sales effect is great, and I have also reduced the costs of marketing ... More

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